A passionate landscape photographer who spends as much time outdoors in the mountains and vast open spaces as possible, I also dabble in the fields of commercial, lifestyle, product, architectural and editorial imagery.

Creating images – from vast landscapes to fulfilling clients’ visual agendas – have always come naturally, and I find myself most at home whilst creating behind the camera. // +27 82 475 1558

What can I do for you?

Whether it’s still images for an advertising campaign, a narrative to tell via moving pictures, or images needing retouching / fixing up – let’s chat about the project you have in mind.

Professional Imagery

Professional imagery is not about taking pretty pictures (surprise!), but about communicating a vision or message in a focussed way through excellent photography. We (me/you/our team) achieve this by conceptualising a narrative and end goal through a thorough understanding of your own and/or clients needs and goals.


I specialise in small, intimate productions. Whether it’s your own story you would like to tell, a short course series we can shoot in-/outdoors, or an epic adventure that needs filming – I’m your guy.


Sometimes, as a photographer, your image load may get away from you (believe me, I know). Or as an agency you may need a composite put together and/or select images retouched in a certain way – get in touch so we can make it happen.

Landscape Imagery

A selection of my best landscape photographs, available for licencing or to print for hanging on your wall, integrate into your company’s look and feel via wall paper and/or office art work. I work with Orms Printroom locally, so you can choose any of their printing options. Internationally, I work with a lab in your country, or we can ship from here (South Africa) to there.

Let’s make it happen!

People and Lifestyle Imagery

Whether it’s creating active lifestyle photographs for your brand or project, capturing environmental portraits of individuals dong there thing, or putting together a complete commercial advertising concept, let’s make it happen together.

Because why?

People are awesome!

Interior // Exterior Imagery

Over the years I have found myself gravitating towards Architectural photography almost by accident. Having an appreciation for good design, as well as the arrangement of the elements thereof in space, I consequently really enjoy showcasing completed projects through my imagery. I work with Architects, Artisan Builders, Property Developers, as well as individuals.

Have a project you would like photographed, or maybe chat about options?

Get in touch!

Wine Farm Imagery

The Boland, which is where my base is when I’m not travelling, is all about wine and the appreciation thereof. Winefarms make up much of the landscape, nestled along the foothills of the surrounding mountains and, as such, creating images that help my wine farm clients market their products and services more effectively is something I enjoy very much.

Have a project in mind?

Let’s chat!

Product Imagery

Creating photographs of products, whether it be wine bottles or cars, is somewhat of a dedicated pursuit. Reason being attention to detail, because every little bit counts when your craftsmanship is front and center. I work with you or your marketing team and / or agency to create the right images for your campaign.

Let’s go!


Moving images – i.e. video – can be very effective in telling a completely different side of a particluar narrative. I specialise in small, intimate productions.

Prints and Image Licencing

All my images are available to print or for commercial licencing.

Photographic Prints

Select an image you would like a print of to hang on your wall, and simply let me know via the contact details below so we can make it happen!

I work with Orms Printroom, so you can select any print option they have.

– Prices include delivery (South Africa)- Delivery takes approximately 10-14 days (South Africa)

– International Shipping / Delivery: I work with a lab in your country to minimise costs, please contact me for arrangements and pricing!

– All prints (except stretched canvas and other substrate options) are done on Matte Fine Art Paper

– For different sizes / finishes / framing / shipping options please drop me an email or request a quotation via the contact details, thanks!

Image Licencing

Most of my images are available for commercial licencing.

Just get in touch and give a brief description of the image/s you’d like to use, as well as the scope of your project / campaign (the more detail, the better – fees vary depending on publication media / web use, distribution, prominence of display, length of use, etc.).

I’ll get back to you with the relevant pricing and suggestions on how we can make it work!

All my images are © protected, and may not be used for commercial purposes without the relevant licencing fees.

Why can’t I work for free?

Excellent question, which I get a lot, read this for why.

If you have any questions, please get in touch, my advice is free (for now)!

Personal Projects

The lifeblood of any professional photographer, personal projects allow us to fully explore our creative visions, often resulting in unexpected results and beautiful partnerships.

Coming soon!

Get in touch via the details below if you’d like to collaborate!

Latest Posts

This is where you’ll find the stories behind my most recent projects, as well as more images which didn’t necessarily make it into the stills-protfolio. Head over to the Blog (below) for more stories.

VICTORIA PEAK // A Day in the Mountains

Heading out into the mountains is always special, but even more so when shared with friends. Especially the kind that don’t mind – too much – being subjected to filming! FOOTNOTES: Thank…
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