July 8, 2014

ATHLETE CALENDAR // Stellenbosch Sportsmen Standing Up Against Women and Child Abuse


In 2013 my good friend and then editor of our local town news paper (Eikestad Nuus), Eunice, had come up with the concept of putting together a calendar in collaboration with top sportsmen based in our little outdoor town of Stellenbosch.


But not just any calendar featuring local sports personalities, this was going to be a calendar in aid of two local charities that help out women and children who suffer of abuse from various fronts, and thus the theme of :

“Men standing up against women and child abuse”


Eunice got in touch with her extensive network of athletes to each represent a month, and by a fortunate turn of events I got to add my two cents as the photographer for the calendar. We decided on locations (plenty) and styling (minimal) and, the rest, as they say, is history – a successful one, thankfully!

We had national and international rugby players (Chris Dry, Stephan Dippenaar), a triathlete (Richard Murray), multisport athletes (Dan Hugo, Bradley Weiss, Matt Daneel, Stuart Marais), a mountain biker (Erik Kleinhans), a personal trainer (Ian van Zyl), hockey players (Dylan Swanepoel, Pierre de Voux) and a soccer player (Alcardo van Graan) who gave of their time —> hard work and good fun was had all round.


After finding that it was such an awesome project to bring full circle, and given the positive feedback from all the sportsmen involved, we will hopefully make this an annual collaboration between myself ( and Eunice’s (Outsider Communications) businesses as a way to bring about some change in our local community – watch this space!

FOOTNOTES: Thanks to all involved, same time next year!

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